Smackdown Live US Title Tournament Round 2 predictions

Color me shocked but we went 4 for 4 on our predictions for the first round of Smackdown Live’s US Title Tourney with Mojo picking up the win over Zack Ryder on Tuesday to set up the round 2 matches. The predictability of this tournament is almost laughable. Does anyone remember the #OldSchool King of the Ring tournaments where it was actually tough to predict who would win (King Mable, King Wade Barrett, King Owen Hart). That being said, we’re back to look at the Semi-finals round and give our thoughts on the matchups.

Booby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley

Felix: Roode

Travis: Roode

Much respect to Mojo, but in all honesty the US title is probably as high a level as Mojo will reach in his career, but I would never have seen Jinder as the World Champ so what do I know. I think anyone that looked at this bracket knew that the WWE was simply working towards a Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal final. I like Mojo’s intensity of late, but I think his issues with Zack Ryder still probably aren’t done. As for Roode, he’s been kept out of the World title picture due to feuds with Dolph Ziggler amongst others. I think his role as the elder statesman that helps get over the younger up and coming talent is something that suits him well. His in-ring work is still crisp and I’m sure he’ll make Mojo look good in their match but he’s picking up the W here and going on to the Rumble to face Jinder.

Jinder Mahal vs. Xavier Woods

Felix: Jinder

Travis: Jinder

As I mentioned earlier, this whole tournament was a way to set up a Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal match and most likely feud. This is interesting because it begs the question, What about Dolph? Anyway… I’ve loved the whole Xavier campaigning to become the new US champ like he’s running for election and in a perfect world I think it would be amazing to see the New Day defend the title “Freebird-style”, but that’s not going to happen(yet). Jinder needs to be in feud with a top “baby face” to remain relevant and being in the US title picture as the “Evil” Indian heel who constantly cheats to win is a good role for him. Honestly, mid-card titles are where the heels are the best anyway. Sorry Xavier you may be the better man, but you’re not winning a singles title anytime soon.

That’s it. Our US title match at the Royal Rumble will be Booby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal. Maybe we’ll get Dolph in there again at the last minute, but it seems a bit unlikely. We’ll give our predictions on all the Rumble matches in an upcoming article. Check back everyday for the latest new, reviews and rumours.

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