Enough is enough: Gimicks matter

WWE has to conquer some serious gimmick issues in 2018 in order to deliver a way more interesting year than the last one. 2k17 has been a let down on all sorts of levels in my opinion. One of the easiest fix are the gimmick problems.
Am I the only one who‘s a little bit disappointed with the originality of characters?
Most of the guys feel a bit recycled. A potpourri of old guys.
Example Dean Ambrose: a pinch of Pillman, mixed with some Austin and Marella … shake it up good … boom … you have the Lunatic Fringe (dumbest nickname by the way).
This lack of character certainly shines through in the overall mic work and product presentation. All the memorable promos last year included John Cena and/or the Miz. Two veterans and generals on the mic (Smacktalk – angry Miz/ Reigns-Cena Feud).
Other than that I can‘t remember a single stand out moment on top of my head.
Which directly leads to the next big problem. WWE Superstars have way more nicknames than wrestlers back in the days.
A nickname used to be something one had to earn. Take Randy Orton as a perfect example.
After his Evolution days his character had to develop. So he went after the greatest guys of the business. Hence he became the Legend Killer. This nickname does not only sounds really cool, it was perfectly linked with a longtime story line Randy was in at that time. After the gimmick got a little stale, WWE transformed him into the Viper. Once again a very cool sounding nickname, but the big plus is that Randy‘s in ring style can carry a coiled name like that. Pun kick intended … 🧐🤨
My issue with the next generations are this shiploads of nicknames that have no connection to nothing. Why is Nakamura an artist? Because he‘s doing spastic moves in strobo-light? Really? That‘s it?
Wasn’t he not long ago the Rockstar and a bunch of other nicknames with absolutely no gravity to them?
So please tell me again why I should care about a stupid name which does nothing for the character nor the storyline.
Why is Samoa Joe a destroyer? Isn‘t every big guy a destroyer (Strowman, Kane, everybody with certain body types).
Wrestler with the biggest need for a new gimmick:
Roman Reigns
He doesn’t represent anything at the moment. He still comes out to the old Shield song, wearing the old tactical shield gear, with some stupid logo adjustments.
If he want‘s to be the Big Dog, Roman Empire Leader, Yard Owner … he should get dressed accordingly and come out to a more epic rocking tune.
It would also help a great deal to develop a little bit of character. I don‘t think a simple heel turn would do the trick in this case, but please give the man some attitude.
Austin & Rock were great for the Attitude Era, because they brought a certain amount of roughness with them. Cena was straight fire on the mic and had that Ruthless Aggression, before he captured the big championships.
So what do we have now? Tell me Roman. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you like, what do you dislike. Give me something to get behind. A motto, a credo, a believe system, an attitude, Hell, even a common image of an enemy (Authority).
Any by the way;
It‘s 2018. A black leather jacket with the own merch T-shirt is not enough anymore.
And please don‘t destroy kayfabe like it‘s nothing. I can‘t fear a monster among man if he plays video games with the new day and synchronizes Juno.
Motto for 2018: save the gimmicks!!!!!!!!!

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