Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Comic Book Films of 2018

We live in a “Golden Age” for comic book fans. 2017 was a banner year with some amazing comic-based films being released. With over 15 new live action and animated films set to come out in 2018, we both picked the 5 that have us most excited.

Honourable mentions:

Death of Superman (animated)

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (animated)


Number 5:


Felix: Constantine 2 (TBD)

Travis : Incredibles 2 (July)

Both of our choices have had considerable layoffs between the original and the sequel. The first incredibles came out in 2004, while Constantine was released in 2015. Both will feature the original cast coming back to reprise their roles.

Number 4

Felix: Venom (October)

Travis: Ant-Man & Wasp (July)

Tom Hardy making his debut as Venom/Eddie Brock is an interesting choice and it will be interesting to see how a stand-alone villain movie works for Sony. The fact that Marvel is involved (no Spiderman) could mean that we see these two cross paths, maybe in one of the two upcoming Spiderman films.

Ant-Man, in my opinion, broke the mold in terms of comic book movies. Smaller budget, stand-alone, self-contained story and it still made over $180,000,000 at the domestic box office. The addition of Wasp/Hope van Dyne has me really excited for this one. I loved the first one and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Number 3

Felix: Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse (December)

Travis: Black Panther (February)

Felix loves Spider-man and I’ll admit that I’m really happy that Miles Morales is finally going to appear on the big screen. This one has me intrigued because there are a lot of different directions that they can go. Could we see some former and current Spider-men making voice cameos? We’ve got a long wait until we find out.

I’ll say it right now, I don’t watch trailers anymore. I think that they’ve gotten to the point where they give too much away. That being said the last one I did see was the first one for Black Panther and it looked amazing. I think they’ve set this up so well with Captain America: Civil War that this one has to be a homerun.

Number 2

Felix: Black Panther (February)

Travis: Deadpool 2 (June)

For a lot of the reasons I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty clear that Felix like everyone else has to be excited for this one. We’re finally going to learn the secrets of the mysterious country of Wakanda. Michael B. Jordon has been amazing in everything (well nothing was going to help Fantastic Four) and him battling for the throne with Chadwick Boseman seems like a can’t miss.

What can you say about Deadpool. The “Merc with a Mouth” slashed his way on to the screen back in 2016 with the first “R” rated comic film and crushed it. Ryan Reynolds getting to portray Wade Wilson the way it should be has all but erased the bad taste that nearly all fans had from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This time we’re adding Cable to the mix. Give me a plate of chimichangas I’m ready.

Number 1


Felix and Travis: Avengers: Infinity War (May)

This movie is not only at the top of nearly everyone’s most anticipated comic book movie list, but at the top of their most anticipated list for all movies this year. We’re finally going to get to see Thanos in action and Marvel is throwing everyone into this movie. It’s interesting because if you are a fan of the comics you know that one character who was mentioned, but not seen in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 really needs to be involved if the Avengers have a chance. Can Cap. and Tony put aside their differences? How will Earth’s mightiest heroes get along with the Guardians? Is this just a set up film to the yet to be titled Avengers 4? We don’t know, but you can be pretty sure that not everyone is making it out of this one alive.

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