Will Wonder Woman pave the way for female lead comic films?

Princess Diana of Themyscira has been inspiring readers since her first appearance in December of 1941. Created by psychologist and inventor William Moulton Marston, who also created the polygraph, Wonder Woman has been a constant feature in the DC universe since first appearing in All Star Comics #8. Now, 75 years after she first graced the cover of a comic, Gal Gadot will bring her to life on the big screen for the first DCEU solo film based on a female character. Both male and female comic fans have been clamoring for a female driven movie for years, can Wonder Woman live up to the hype?

Leading the way

As far as DC female superheroes are concerned, Wonder Woman is an obvious choice to lead the charge. She has one of the most interesting backstories in comics, regardless of which incarnation you choose, gotta love a retcon. She also has a rouges gallery that rivals DC heavyweights like the Flash and Batman, with regular foes such as Cheetah, Giganta, Doctor Psycho and the First Born. The decision by the DCEU to give an updated origin story in the film is definitely a solid choice as despite being around for over 70 years many new fans may not be aware of all the details of how Wonder Woman came to be such a prominent member in the Justice League. It is certainly not outside of the realm of possibilities that if the Wonder Woman film performs at of above expectations when it opens in June of this year that a sequel and introduction of some of her more modern foes could be in the works.

A long time coming

Despite the hiccups that the DCEU has experienced so far (See BvS or Suicide Squad) comic film fans still need to give them credit for being the first to put a female character front and center. MCU fans have been literally and metaphorically begging for a Black Widow film since the character made her on screen debut in Iron Man 2 back in 2010. Something that Marvel and Joss Whedon teased, but then ultimately didn’t pull the trigger on. Looking back at the original X-Men trilogy, you could make the argument that Jean Grey, an amazing character but ultimately still part of a larger ansamble, was the main character and let the film. However, it wasn’t “stand alone” MCU fans, at least for now will have to wait until 2019 before we see Ms. Marvel take the screen in her own film. (Side note: it has been confirmed that Carol Danvers will make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

Wonder Woman has always been a pioneer for female comic characters and it seems only fitting that she’ll be the one to lead them into the cinematic universe as well. Much like if back in the ’40’s, Wonder Woman’s success or failure, this time at the box office, will have a direct impact on the role and scale that female super heroes play moving forward. I don’t think that a film since Iron Man has had the potential to impact comic films going forward as much as Wonder Woman does. As a comics fan, I truly hope that Wonder Woman is a massive success.

What do you think? What female superhero do you want to see get her own film? Let us know in the comments.

Image from http://www.warnerbrothers.com


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