What’s next for Rhonda Rousey?


The biggest question coming into UFC 207 was how Rhonda Rousey would look after taking nearly a year off from the octagon. Press photos and promo videos produced by the UFC showed a fighter that looked to be in the best shape we’d seen in a long time. What we got, however, was a fighter that was clearly overmatched and was dominated in just 48 seconds.

Can she return to form?

The question now becomes, what happens now? Rousey is clearly no longer a title contender for the Bantamweight title and her answers to the media following the fight have many wondering if we will ever see “The Rowdy One” in the UFC again. Amanda Nunes proved that she is clearly the most dominant fighter her weight class and seemingly will remain so in the near future. If Rousey does decide to return to the octagon she will most certainly have to claw her way back up the rankings and depending on how much time she decides to take off, will fans be as eager to welocme her back as they were in the lead up to UFC 207 and will the UFC want her back now that her drawing power has taken a serious hit?

Outside options

Rousey certainly has her fair share of options outside of the UFC. Her contract details are a bit of a mystery, but there are still other opportunities out there for her. Name recognition alone may be enough to tide her over in the near future, but it is still up in the air if she would even want to do anything in the public eye anytime soon. She has had success both in Hollywood, appearing in Expendables 3 and the Entourage film, however both of these were while she was champion. The WWE have said that they are interested in bringing her in, but again this was before her loss to Nunes. It will be interesting to see how sponsors react to the loss and if the same number of options present themselves.

Whatever Rousey decides you can be sure that she will put her all into it, and for now the waiting game begins again. Who knows, the Royal Rumble is less than a month away.


Image courtesy of: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

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